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Your questions, answered

Basingstoke Pickleball FAQs

Basingstoke Pickleball was the first group to start in Basingstoke.  In January 2024 we’ve ‘moved house’ and you can now come and enjoy pickleball with us 3 times a week.

This page hopefully answers at least some of the questions you might have.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


Currently we offer 3 sessions per week at The Costello School on the outskirts of Basingstoke town centre.

A new operator at our previous home has moved to charging a high monthly subscription fee, whether you get to play or not.  We would all prefer to only pay when we play (as not everyone is available at every session), so we have moved to a new home where you can pay and play.

The school has a large heated sports hall, changing rooms and toilets just off the hall.   it has free parking just outside, so no long walks in the rain or the cold to get to where you are playing.

For members it is just £6 per session.  Non members can join in on up to 3 sessions for £7.50 a time.  

As a complete beginner, we have some basic loan equipment you are welcome to borrow to get a feel for the game.  

The hall is heated, so no need for lots of layers to keep warm!   On your feet, the best shoe for pickleball is a court shoe or tennis shoe — one that has great comfort, grip, ankle support, rubber soles, and a tread pattern conducive to quick lateral movements.

No.  Playing pickleball can burn off many more calories than a brisk walk, but with like any new sport, ‘easy does it’ is the best approach.  Muscle pulls can be common for new players as you stretch and lunge far more than you might be used to.  We definitely recommend stretching and warming up before any session and play within your own physical capabilities.  

A 90Kg man can burn around 475 calories per 30 minutes of ‘active’ play.

You will improve in every aspect as you play more often.  In the US where pickleball was born, 75% of those who play are over 55.

The club welcomes players of all levels aged 18 and over.

Despite many of the wonderful people behind the scenes providing their time for free so you can play at the club, there are still unavoidable costs associated with running a club.  This includes having a website, an app, online payment options & fees, telephone services, domain names, insurance, equipment, marketing and more.

By joining as a member, you not only get to play for less, you can also book up to 4 weeks in advance via our booking app, get access to competitions, be eligible for inter-club tournaments and free training sessions.  More importantly, you will help the club continue to grow.

It’s only £30 – there are plenty of places you can pay that for a poor quality meal!  Spend your money on something you will enjoy far more!  Sign up today here

Yes, we have full public liability insurance through Pickleball England

For insurance purposes, the club is for over 18’s only. 

We have set up a helpful 3-step guide to show you how to do this here

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become a member


By becoming a member, you not only pay less to play, you also support the growth and development of the club, investing our future

Membership is just £30 (individual) or £50 (joint) per year

book with our coaches


We are delighted to have 2 qualified coaches offering one-to-one coaching sessions, as well as group classes too.

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If you would like this website for your pickleball club, call us on 07932 411188



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